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18 August 2020

Our Story

Your Core Wellness Team

Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid

Consultant Cardiologist with more than 20 years of experience in the Caribbean, the US, and Canada. Edwin has a consultative practice at the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica; and is Director of…

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Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid Consultant Cardiologist | MBBS FACC FRCP(Edin)

Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid Heart Health & Wellness Coach | MSc & BSc (Distinction), AICTP (UK)

Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid

Katrine works with senior professionals to tailor healthy lifestyle and wellness practices to their goals and strengths. Focused on mindset and behavioral change, her training & coaching programs…

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Epanafero means to restore, reset, reanimate (επαναφέρω, modern Greek).

As founders and visionaries of Epanafero, we take a hands-on approach to the business and remain personally involved in the entire undertakings of the company.

We ensure that each client receives as much time and tailored support as possible, delivering our services with care and sensitivity.

Our passion for what we do is evident in our dedication to our clients. Each person’s success in achieving their health and wellness goals is why we created Epanafero in the first place!

Our Vision

Our vision is for sustainable health benefits to be achieved through wellness as intentional lifestyle choices which promote and sustain whole person well-being.

Our Mission

We support our clients accomplish their health and wellness goals using scientifically proven principles as well as traditions and beliefs, delivered through playful, enjoyable, and life-affirming programs.

Our Values

Wellness is an optimal state of health, which allows the realisation of a person’s fullest potential – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and economically.

We deliver what we
promise. We hold
accountable to our
clients and within
our team.

We are non-judgemental, and
our relationships are
based on kindness,
respect, and

We commit to
self-reflection and
analysis. We are
open to adapt and
change as
individuals and as a company.

Our approach is
light-hearted and
fun, and we
encourage our
clients to enjoy
making healthy life

We recognise a
power greater than
ourselves that is
available to
everyone to

Our Wellness Collaborators

We engage other professionals with complementary expertise to deliver certain elements of our retreats and coaching programs.  We partner with other Medical Experts (e.g. Sleep Specialist, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Osteopath etc.) and Wellness Professionals (e.g. Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Massage etc.) according to our thematic focus.

To ensure that each of our collaborators is right for our programs and our clients, we partner only with professionals we can vouch for.  Wherever possible, we have experienced their services first-hand.  

We also carefully select the venues for our retreats to promote our programs’ objectives.  Based on our personal vetting, we can guarantee that our locations provide our clients with a restorative experience of wellness, in an intimate, exclusive setting and with timeless graciousness.

You can learn about all our collaborators in the details of our Wellness Programs and Heart Health Services.