Heart Health Evaluation


Deepen your understanding of your heart health status through this holistic cardiovascular medical assessment. Cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid will highlight any specific issues for your priority attention, and make recommendations on appropriate therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Duration: 45 minutes

Schedule: You will choose the day and time that best suit your schedule.

We recommend this service if you are seeking a holistic assessment of your cardiovascular health status conducted by a highly experienced Cardiologist.

What’s Involved

Your evaluation will include discussion of appropriate testing, treatment, and lifestyle modifications to optimise your cardiovascular health and reduce the medium- to long-term risk for heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.

This virtual appointment allows you to consult with Dr. Tulloch-Reid at your convenience and from the privacy of your chosen location as you would in his office.  Your Heart Health Evaluation will be conducted online using our secure video conferencing application.

Cardiovascular Evaluation Report

You will receive a Cardiovascular Evaluation Report to serve you as a guide to your heart health status, including a cardiovascular risk assessment.  It will also provide you with recommendations for appropriate testing, treatment, and lifestyle modifications.

This report will be sent to you by email within ONE (1) week of your Heart Health Evaluation appointment.


If necessary and feasible, Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid will arrange for you to schedule a separate follow-up visit with him at his private practice at Andrews Memorial Hospital to conduct appropriate diagnostic testing (ECG, ECHO). Otherwise, he will make his recommendations so that you may do your tests at a facility of your choice.

Duration: 45 mins

Schedule: You will choose the day and time that best suit your schedule.

Location: Online

Tech Requirements: You will need an internet-enabled device, a video camera, a microphone, and an internet connection.  Ahead of your appointment, we will send you instructions for how to connect to our video conferencing.

Edwin Tulloch-Reid (MD)
MBBS FACC FRCP(Edin) | Consultant Cardiologist and Co-Founder of Epanafero
Edwin has been Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Services at the Heart Institute of the Caribbean since its inception in 2004. He also has a consultative practice at the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, and is committed to teaching and research. His clinical training included a residency in New York, and cardiology fellowships at the University of Montreal and the University of Pittsburgh.
Edwin has a special interest in the prevention of heart disease by control of risk factors through therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Please read our full Medical and Therapeutic Disclaimer in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions specific to your Heart Health Evaluation, you may contact us by email at [email protected].

To complement your Heart Health Evaluation, we also recommend that you:
>> Participate in our Online Wellness Courses to give you further insights into yourself and your lifestyle as well as provide additional support and external accountability. You will learn with a small group of your peers (12 participants max.) and be paired with an Epanafero Wellness Partner for additional support and accountability.
>> Book online Wellness Coaching with facilitator/coach Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid to give you further insights into yourself and your lifestyle as well as provide additional support and external accountability. We offer individual (1-1) and couple (2-1) coaching.
>> Register for our upcoming Wellness Monitoring program which uses personal wearable technologies so that you can track yourself 24/7 and measure the impact of lifestyle changes on your health. We offer individual (1-1) and couple (2-1) monitoring, delivered by with cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid together with facilitator/coach Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid.

You may add any of these to your Heart Health Evaluation at the time of booking. You may also book with us beyond your consultation.